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Hiya I'm Emelia but call me Emmie, Just a young inspired Cali girl Living life to the fullest. Random,Clueless,and occasionally sarcastic
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Meeting 5SOS like:




5sos babysitting kids (psa dont let this happen. ever.)

luke:i love little kids they're so cute OH GOD OKAY I CAN'T CONTROL THEM NEVERMIND
calum:hi little girl do you want to eat food with me
mikey:this baby cant even hold a wii controller *whispers* what a pussy
ashton:you have a very hot mom
calum:so when these kids get naked people think its 'cute' but when i get naked im told to 'put my clothes on before i get arrested' and 'nudity isnt allowed here'?!
mikey:it smells calum did you fart
luke:oh my god the baby pooped oh my god what do i do
ashton:hey, can you hook me up with your mom? what're you doing why are you running away why does this always happen
calum:the baby wont stop crying oh my god what do we do
mikey:ashton usually stops crying if we let him watch porn
ashton:this sucks i hate kids im never having sex again


they’re called 5 seconds of summer not luke hemmings and the other three


You have got to be fucking kidding me? And the worst part? He’s seen it.

this put me to tears

people are just fucking sick, Ashton please don’t do anything to yourself, no matter how harsh people are

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If something happens to Ashton because of all of this you don’t even want to know what I’m gonna do.


when you see the girl you hate:


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I am actually really proud of this so steal without credit and I will be really sad.


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